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Climate Finance as a Catalyst for Moving SA Towards a Green Economy - Monday 19 July 2010

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Climate Finance as a Catalyst for Moving SA Towards a Green Economy






Monday 19 July 2010



17:30 for 18:00



IDASA Bookshop, 6 Spin Street, Cae Town



R230 *

Climate finance is high on the policy agenda for the on-going negotiations for a global climate change pact. The Copenhagen Accord outlined funds approaching $30 billion for 2010 to 2012 to help developing countries adapt to global warming and mitigate its potential effects, like floods, droughts and stronger storms. It also outlined longer-term financing by developed countries of $100 billion a year by 2020.

Up to now South Africa and much of the SADC region have shown limited capacity to absorb climate finance. The Clean Development Mechanism, a funding mechanism for developing countries that came out of the Kyoto Protocol, saw Africa accounting for only about 2% of global CDM projects.

The University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership invites you to join us for a Forum session as we unpack the current climate finance regime, look at some global developments and discuss how South Africa, and especially the private sector, can best utilise the global climate funds to move the country towards a green economy. As usual we have invited some of the most knowledgeable experts available locally to join our panel for the evening:




Smita Nakhooda


World Resources Institute
Smita is a member of WRI's International Financial Flows and the Environment Project and the Electricity Governance Initiative

Richard Sherman


OneWorld Sustainable Investments
Richard leads OneWorld's work related to the multilateral climate change negotiations. He is part of the SA delegation to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

Carl Wesselink


South African Export Development Fund
Carl was the project manager responsible for implementing the very successful Kuyasa CDM project in Khayelitsha

Graham Sinclair


Principal at Sinclair & Company LLC
Sinclair & Company is a boutique investment advisory firm specializing in sustainable investment in emerging markets, especially Africa

* The event is free for Forum members


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