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JCD Lecture

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19 March 2008

The Joint Civils Division of SAICE and ICE hosted its first of the 2008 Lecture Series at the National Museum of Military History, in Saxonwold on Wednesday 19 March 2008.

Transnet Capital Projects: One Programme, Two Huge Challenges 

The lecture was presented by Anne Wilson,  Chief Procurement Officer, Transnet Capital Projects.  The lecture addressed the following pertinent procurement issues:

How do we change the way employers and contractors engage so that we can address two of the biggest challenges we face on this programme:

1.       How to harness all the skills and expertise needed to deliver this complex and varied infrastructure programme; and
2.       How to ensure that through this programme South Africa’s construction industry evolves and transforms to better represent the demographics of the country and develop the skills and flexibility required to be competitive and sustainable in the international market.

Anne Wilson gave an overview of the Transnet Capital Programme, and then discussed some of the alternative contracting strategies they are starting to employ to deal with the questions raised above.

 If you are interested in seeing the presentation given, you can download it here.