Application for Admission to the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators

Please complete the application form below as completely as possible. Remember that the information you provide here will be used to confim whether you comply with the requirements for admission to the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators.  

Please check the criteria as you submit the information required on this page - they are available here: Admission Criteria

Before starting, you should have checked on:

  • compliance with Admission Criteria
  • preparation of CV using the word format which you can download here
  • or registration on the website as a user, and completion of the CV form accessible from the user profile page.


Candidates applying to be accredited and admitted to the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators are required to

1)         be professionally registered of at least 10 years standing with a local or international built environment council,


           be professionally registered of at least 10 years standing in the practice of law,  with commercial experience in engineering and construction field


           be able to demonstrate quivalent qualifications and provide suitable motivation for the acceptance of such equivalent qualifications


2)          have suitable work experience

             a)         as a built environment professional on construction projects at a senior level


            as an Attorney or Advocate  practicing in the field of construction law


 b)         in the development of contract documentation, contract administration or disputes involving one or more contracts in the NEC family of contracts


3)         demonstrate the following three outcomes defined below to peers through a written submission, an interview, a written examination, the submission of a portfolio of work, attendance of courses or a combination thereof as may be required by ICE-SA.

Personal Details
Contact Details
Experience: General
Outcome 1: Communicate the manner in which any one of the NEC3 family of contracts operate. Communicate the manner in which any one of the NEC3 family of contracts operate in respect of: Risk management, project management and programming procedures Compensation event procedures. Payment procedures of the main Options. The dispute referral and adjudication process. Assessment Criteria: Extensive experience in the following is essential: 1. Demonstrated ability to draft Contract Data; Goods Information; Services Information; Works Information; Scope and Pricing Data, and 2. Demonstrated experience in the administration of a NEC contract as a Project Manager; Service Manager; Employer’s Agent or Supply Manager or Demonstrated ability to prepare information to be considered by an Adjudicator or acting as an Adjudicator. Indicate which of the NEC family of contracts that you have a working knowledge of, i.e. ECC, ECS, ECSC, ECSS, PSC, TSC, CIDB supply contracts and NEC Supply Contracts, and describe your experiences relating to such contracts in detail.
Do you consider you have a reasonable knowledge of Construction Law?
If yes, briefly outline how you gained this knowledge.
Do you have experience in briefing lawyers?
If yes, briefly outline how you gained this experience?
Contract Experience
Please include dates within your details.
Dispute Resolution
Give information on courses attended – if no specific course on Adjudication attended indicate familiarisation courses on NEC that have been attended, i.e. In-house, public seminars or practical experience, etc.)
Adjudication Experience
Please indicate any experience you have had in adjudicating NEC contracts?
Dispute Resolution Experience
State any other Dispute Resolution Experience.
Give names and addresses of two referees.
Referee One
Referee Two
I have read the requirements for inclusion in the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators and ask for the reviewers to waive the following requirements for the following reasons: (If all requirements satisfied enter ‘none’).
Forms of NEC Contract
I wish to be enrolled on the ICE-SA Panel of NEC Adjudicators, and am prepared to undertake adjudications for the following forms of NEC Contract.
Engineering & Construction Contract / Engineering & Construction Subcontract
Engineering & Construction Short Contract / Engineering & Construction Short Subcontract
Professional Services Contract / Professional Services Short Contract
Term Service Contract / Term Service Short Contract
NEC Supply Contract & NEC Short Supply Contract
CIDB Supply contracts
I attach my Curriculum Vitae, and a cheque for R 1000 or proof of payment of an amount of R 1000 into the ICE-SA’s bank account : First National Bank, Commercial Branch (Code 210554), Account No. 62750652482, in the name of ICE-SA; and I request admission to the Panel.
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(1) A conflict of interest means any situation in which an adjudicator has competing professional or personal interests which make it difficult to fulfill his or her duties impartially or where incompatibility or contradictory interests exist. A conflict of interest can create an appearance of impropriety that can undermine confidence in the ability of that person to act properly in his or her position even if no improper acts result.
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